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Adenium Trumpet - New Names

We changed the names of of four Adenium Trumpet plantpets to match better their looks. Seeds with the old names will give plants with the new names automatically. There is no need of any action. The new names are:

Blue becomes Poison
Green becomes Aqua
Pink becomes Fire
Yellow becomes Candy

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Genes and Status Changes

In the last week, we reviewed and reorganised the genes of all plantpets to comply with the same concept. That is, each species has multiple common plantpets and a few rares, and eventually fewer limited. The rare plantpets have no color genes (which makes them rare) and the common and limited ones have color genes whose strengths add up to about 60%.
In this, we changed the status of a few plantpets as follows:

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Lotus PlantPets


Today we released 11 lotus plantpets, 7 common, 2 rare, 1 rare elite and the eleventh is a limited-edition Lotus *Svatantrata* dedicated to the 4th of July 2021. Svatantrata means independence or liberty in Sanskrit.

The three rare lotus plantpets and the limited edition can be obtained via a PlantPets Mission available in the PlantPets Main Store. The deadline for completing the mission is the end of July. The mission exchanges any 10 plantpets for 1 seed of the four rare and limited lotus plantpets (of your choice). One avatar can complete multiple missions.

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Video - How to Change the Pot of a PlantPet!

Many thanks to Haramino Itoku, who made a great instructional video about how to change the pot of a plantpet!

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Roll-Out of v3.088 Update Complete

We completed the roll-out of the PlantPets update to version 3.0 which started last November! All 515 plantpets in our servers are now version 3.088. PlantPet 2.0s will continue to work as usual until the 31st of August 2021. After this date, 2.0s plantpets will stop delivering baby seeds. Please update your plantpets ASAP by following the instructions in the infographic below. Please note that seeds do not need an update!

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Love Spell Mission

We released a surprise limited edition Cannabis Novus *Love Spell*. It emits hearts particles and has bright red buds. It is available as the reward of a PlantPets mission which costs 500L and which exchanges any 10 growing plantpets for one seed of this new limited edition! The mission will be available for purchase until the 27th of February and must be completed by the end of February.

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New Subspecies: Hibiscus Shrub

For Valentine's Day we released 11 Hibiscus Shrub plantpets, 7 common and 4 rares (one of them elite) obtainable as rewards by a mission with a deadline the end of February 2021. The plant is mesh 30 LI with very high detail.

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Magic Booster

At the end of January we released a permanent mission that exchanges any 10 plantpets for one Magic Booster. The magic booster refills a vintage PlantPet with seven seeds to produce regardless of the rarity status of the plantpet. This booster can be applied ONLY to vintage PlantPets and only to PlantPet v3.0 or later.

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PlantPets Droplet: Automatic Watering System for PlantPet 3.0

We released an automatic watering system for PlantPet 3.0. Find it next to the recycling bin vendor in the PlantPets Main Store.

It is a single-prim droplet system which when rezzed and switched ON, maintains the moisture level of all plantpets in the region. It has been successfully tested with 60 plantpets. When more than 60 plantpets are present in the region it may be required to rez one droplet for every 60 plantpets.

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Cannabis Novus

A ray of sunshine from PlantPets this December! A brand new cannabis subspecies to be released this Thursday at 11:10 am SLT. The plant is 100% mesh and it is 1 LI! The plant was built for PlantPets by Mowri Panache. These are four common and one rare Cannabis Novus PlantPets! We will sell the common ones at the PlantPets Main Store, 500L per seed, and you can breed the rare one! All five are PlantPet 3.0.


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