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PlantPets at 2021 SL Christmas Expo

This December PlantPets returns to the Winter Breedables Fair at the 2021 SL Christmas Expo. We are bringing two new limited edition poinsettia plantpets - Winter Fawn and Winter Festival - exclusively released for the Winter Breedables Fair. They will be sold only at the expo and all linden dollars from the purchase of these two limited editions are directly donated to Relay for Life.

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PlantPets Sky Vault Open!

Today we officially open the PlantPets Sky Vault. It is a skybox extension to the PlantPets Main Store with vendors for all common plantpet seeds except the vintage ones and the new ones available on the ground in the PlantPets Main Store. The common seeds are organised in 41 vendors by species and subspecies placed on the steps of a large Roman theatre.


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Thanksgiving Special

We released three new ivy plantpets for this Thanksgiving season: Ivy *Gratitude* which is a limited edition, Ivy *Dusk*, which is rare elite, and Ivy *Harvest* which is rare. They are available as mission rewards. The missions can be purchased in the PlantPets Main Store and must be completed by the end of November.

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Pumpkin Patch

As a second Halloween special we released 4 common and 1 rare plantpets of the new species *Pumpkin Patch* on the 24th of October.

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Wax Agave *Sangre*

Our first special for Halloween is the limited edition Wax Agave *Sangre* released on the 10th of October.

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PlantPets Catalog Textures

I would like to state that PlantPets does not guarantee the correctness and the quality of PlantPets catalog textures sold by avatars different from Bruce Liebknecht. The textures sold in the PlantPets Main Store are the only ones that I can guarantee for. They are all current and 1024x1024. When we release a new plantpet its texture gets added to the pack. If you purchase the full pack then you can have it redelivered after we release a new plantpet and the redelivered copy will contain the new textures.

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Texture Vendor

Due to a continuous huge demand, today I set up a vendor for selling the PlantPets poster textures, i.e. the posters in the PlantPets catalog. You can buy each texture for 4L or you can buy all 550 for 2000L. I am sorry I cannot offer a group discount as I used a Casper Texture Vendor and it does not allow a group discount. As new plantpets get released their poster textures will go into the vendor. The vendor is in the PlantPets Main Store.

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PlantPets Smart Monitor HUD v3

We released a improved version of the PlantPets HUD. This HUD monitors the following parameters of all plantpets in a region:
- moisture (water drop button)
- happiness (smiley button)
- health (heart button)
- days to next baby seed (calendar button)
- number of seeds ready to collect (seed button)

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Wax Agave

We just released 7 common and 1 rare elite Wax Agave plantpets. The rare elite one Wax Agave *Nueva Azul* is available via a PlantPets mission by the end of September. We also released a second September mission which rewards some of the old and most hard to find limited edition plantpets: the two Rosacea cacti and two vintage Calla Lilies.

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In Memory of Lee

We just released a limited elite Smiling Orchid Tree *Lee* in memory of Leeuwie Shepherd - Lee, who we have been missing since 2014. The PlantPets Main Store will give away seeds of it, one seed per avatar, until the 23rd of August (no tag required).

Lee built some of the most beautiful plantpets – Anthurium, Croton, Marigold, Moth Orchid, and Smiling Orchid Tree. He was full of creative ideas, and we had future plans which remained unfinished. Lee’s contribution to PlantPets is immense and is well remembered.


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