PlantPets Mega Facebook Game: 15 Jan - 14 Feb 2022

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From the 15th of Jan to the 14 of February 2022 we will pick one comment a day from the Facebook post and give the avatar who made the post one of the new 6 Valentine-themed plantpets released on the 8th of Jan:

- Rose *Sunstruck*
- Rose *Summer Sunset*
- Rose *Summer Night*
- Rose *Sweet Perfume*
- Rose *Velvet Moon*
- Wax Agave *Enamorada*

To enter, please comment with the name of ONLY one of the 6 plantpets you wish to win. You may add your avatar name to your comment (optionally). If you are a winner you will be contacted in Messenger about your avatar name if you haven't stated it.

You can post as many comments as you wish, but only one plantpet name per comment! Comments which do not contain exactly one of the names of the 6 plantpets will be disqualified.

The same avatar can win ONLY TWO TIMES, but two different prizes. That is if an avatar has already won Rose *Sunstruck*, the same avatar can not win second time Rose *Sunstruck* but can still win any of the other five plantpet.

To enter this game please comment with the plantpet you like to win, like, and share the post!


15 Jan: Anja Horten - Rose *Velvet Moon*
16 Jan: Amarylia Juriya - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
17 Jan: Ant (antoinemambazo) - Rose *Sunstruck*
18 Jan: Shahiya Resident - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
19 Jan: Belladonna Bunderfeld - Rose *Summer Night*
20 Jan: MayOMingzi Resident - Rose *Sweet Perfume*
21 Jan: cyanidekitty Resident - Rose *Velvet Moon*
22 Jan: Dezire19 Resident - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
23 Jan: Jaxon Morningstar - Rose *Summer Night*
24 Jan: Avedon Andel - Rose *Summer Sunset*
25 Jan: AramintaLeRouge Resident - Rose *Summer Night*
26 Jan: smitty2222 resident - Rose *Sweet Perfume*
27 Jan: cutiepie1989 resident - Rose *Velvet Moon*
28 Jan: Shy Whybrow - Rose *Velvet Moon*
29 Jan: abcde129 - Rose *Velvet Moon*
30 Jan: Aisha Audebarn - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
31 Jan: smitty2222 resident - Rose *Sunstruck*
01 Feb: toxic Ling - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
02 Feb: Autumn Darkrose - Rose *Velvet Moon*
03 Feb: MayOMingzi Resident - Rose *Summer Sunset*
04 Feb: Adell Breyer - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
05 Feb: Maleficent00 - Rose *Velvet Moon*
06 Feb: Heart Koba - Rose *Velvet Moon*
07 Feb: Monellis Resident - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
08 Feb: heelmaus denver - Rose *Summer Night*
09 Feb: NanashiNyx Resident - Wax Agave *Enamorada*
10 Feb: Uti Lane - Rose *Summer Sunset*
11 Feb: MasterTom0502 - Rose *Velvet Moon*
12 Feb: Azure Demina - Rose *Summer Sunset*
13 Feb: Tippi Dagger - Rose *Summer Night*
14 Feb: Shahiya Resident - Rose *Summer Night*