Top Breeders

Top 50 PlantPets Breeders

Based on the last 65 days. Last updated at 2023-05-31 21:55:00 MDT.

1Harry333 Allen9182
2Gaseous Frenzy8624
3Shauna Vella5391
4KainanDavis Resident5214
5Mystygry Mirihi4572
6Anja Horten3924
7Monellis Resident3690
8AtreyuLogan Resident3023
9Vanilla Shim2541
10Lysa Clarence2495
11kitswithmints Resident1979
12Roxy Bergiere1818
13Cheyenne Core1741
14poisonedforrest Resident1715
15sarizen Resident1702
16Zubina McMillan1675
17SummerRain Oakleaf1629
18greeneyedflgal Resident1604
19BrittyBoo Dover1530
20Serendipidy Haven1490
21Ender Bellisserian1459
22digitalpplus Resident1448
23Galaxy Scientist1199
24Rika Waechter1113
25Logan Elf; LoganPryor Resident1089
26Velcon Ethaniel1060
27IveGotFishues Resident1038
28Jimetou Resident1029
29Sue Malheur1022
30Tish Noel1021
31Dezire19 Resident; Mystique Desire974
32EliShemesh Resident954
33ShenandoahRain Resident; ShenandoahRain Starchild951
340079Galadriel Resident919
35AvaCondah Alpha916
36ima Greymyst912
37borges19 Oh904
38AntoineMambazo Resident891
39Kizi Wonder887
40Autumn Ehrenkranz884
41Liana Forsythe879
42Lillu Rau879
43Trot Mistwalker873
44Claire Novaland869
45Krista Jestyr860
46Beadnstone Jewell855
47Cougar Ferraris811
48PemaChokyi Resident810
49LynnXing Resident808
50NinaLaure Resident807

Points Explained:

This scoreboard updates once every 6 hours. The points here may differ from the points displayed on trophies in SL due to delay in synchronization. The trophies in SL gets synced once every 24h.

The points are based on baby seeds received by avatars in the last 65 days.

common baby seed - 1 point
rare baby seed - 10 points
limited baby seed - 100
elite baby seed - 10
vintage baby seed - 10

Note that an elite seed will contribute 10 points for being an elite plus 10 for being rare or 100 for being limited, for example.