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New Species, New Status & Floral Costume Contest!

On the 30th of March at 12 pm SLT, PlantPets is unveiling an exciting addition to its collection: the Desert Rose species. Celebrate with us during the 2-hour launch party featuring DJ Bossman & Host Papa at the PlantPets Main Store & Market, packed with rewards and surprises. Highlighting the event, we're excited to announce a Floral Themed Costume Contest. Show off your creativity with outfits inspired by the world's flora - from orchids and hibiscus to cacti and succulents. Incorporate elements like flower petals and vibrant leaves to bring your botanical look to life.

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New Species: Winter Rose

On the 23rd of January, we are releasing brand new species Winter Rose! There are 10 common ones, 1 seasonal and 5 rare winter rose plantpets. We will be selling only four of the common ones and also the seasonal one. Any of the 16 winter roses can come as a seed of any other winter rose. The first avatar to collect a seed of a hidden one will receive a second seed as a reward! You can monitor which winter roses have been discovered at

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Hibiscus Shrub - Hunduu Jaalala - It's All About Love

On the 13th of January we released a new limited edition Hibiscus Shrub *Hunduu Jaalala* dedicated to Valentine's Day 2024. It is available for purchase in the PlantPets Main Store until the 15th of February 2024.

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Results from the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest

Many thanks to all participants in the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest for creating a 4x4 meter diorama. We had 26 entries, all of which are of very high quality which made judging them very difficult! Special thank to Monellis Resident for the excellent organisation of the entire PlantPets Winter Holiday Festival & Contest! This event wouldn’t be possible without her endless creativity and enthusiasm!

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Winter Holiday Special Release

Today at the PlantPets Winter Holiday Gala, we are releasing two new Crocus plantpets: the limited edition Crocus *Frosty Claus Bloom* and the seasonal elite Crocus *Choco*. They are specially crafted to be given as awards to the participants in the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest for designing 4x4 meter dioramas. Of course, once they come as baby seeds to breeders they will become available in the shops of breeders.

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PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest 2023

Do you find joy in crafting and wish to spread the festive cheer among the PlantPets community? Join us for the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest!

To participate, simply complete a registration notecard and deposit it into the designated sign in front of the PlantPets Main Store by December 15th.


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Twisted Tree Chairs

Today we released a new PlantPets species: Tree Chair. The mesh for the tree chair is an original artwork of Regi Yifu who collaborated with us on creating 9 chairs that grow and produce baby seeds as you sit on them!

Check them out in your web catalog at and also come to try them in the PlantPets Main Store.

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PlantPets Sep ‘23 Flickr Photo Contest

Any pictures added to the PlantPets Community Flickr group in Sep ‘23 automatically enter a photo contest with cash prizes!


1. There must be at least one growing plantpet in the picture.
2. The picture must be added to the PlantPets Community Flickr group in September ‘23. It may be uploaded earlier.
3. The picture must be PG rated.

The 3 pictures with most likes on Oct 1st win the following cash prizes:

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Manual Update for Old Seed: L$50 per Seed

The automatic update for pre-2019 PlantPets seeds was available for four years. Since making this update 100% secure was impossible, we had to limit its availability. It was available for four years until June 2023.

Since some avatars still have old seeds, we announce the following manual procedure for updating old seeds. If you have old seeds that you want updates please do the following:

1. Pay Bruce Liebknecht L$50 per seed you want updated.
2. IM Bruce Liebknecht and give him a folder with your old seeds. Put your avatar name in the name of the folder.

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Fairy Slipper, Glamping Tents and Rainier Cherry

We are very excited to announce a few new PlantPets products and developments launched at the Walk in the Woods event today. At the event, we are presenting two new PlantPets species Organic Furniture and Fairy Slipper as well as a brand-new seasonal Fruit Tree *Rainier Cherry*.

All our vendors at the event are set at 15% discount for members of the group PlantPets. Our presentation at the event can be found at


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