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How to Use Your Surplus Seeds

If you have produced more PlantPets seeds than you wish to plant and grow yourself, there are multiple things you can do with them:

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New PlantPets Seed Pricing

Dear PlantPets Community, after some deliberation, we have decided to implement a new way of determining prices and selling seeds by PlantPets at the PlantPets Main Store and events. This DOES NOT affect the market booths and market tables at the PlantPets Market.

From the 6th of August, we will implement the following, which we hope will lead to a healthier breeders market:

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Fruit Trees!

On the 1st of July, we released new species - Fruit Tree - four common trees, 3 rares, and 1 limited dedicated to Jul 4. They are lemon, lime, cherry, plum, and pear and they can give each other as a baby seed!

They are beautifully built by Roxy Bergiere of Love Everlasting. Roxy also added animations to the planter that make it more fun to interact with the fruit trees.

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We have moved!

After 10 years or so at its previous location, we moved the PlantPets Main Store to a neighboring region where we can build a market around the main store. Yesterday we completed the move. Our new location is

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New feature: Limited Sets

Tomorrow, Monday, 12 pm SLT, we are releasing two limited crocus plantpets, dedicated to Mardi Gras ’23, Crocus *Aphrodite* and Crocus *Hermes*. With them, we are adding a new feature: Limited Sets!

These two limited plantpets will be in a set with a third hidden one, Crocus *Ambrosia* to be discovered as a challenge by breeding Aphrodite and Hermes. Being in a set means that any limited from the set will be able to give as a seed any of the limited edition plantpets from the same set.

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Hot Lips

A new PlantPets species Hot Lips is coming this Sunday at 10 am SLT with a 2h launch event at the PlantPets Main Store!

This release comes with many surprises:

* Hot Lips will have 7 common plantpets (in the picture here), 8 rares (hidden) and one limited edition. It will be possible to buy only the common ones and a PlantPets mission that rewards the limited edition. The commons must be bred to get the rares. The first AV to get each rare will receive a second seed of the same rare as a reward!

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Chrysanth Species

We released 7 common and 6 rare Chrysanth plantpets. The rare elite Chrysanth *Mercury* was determined by a popular vote. All rares except Chrysanth *Uranus* are available via a mission as usual. Chrysanth *Uranus* was second in the vote and we decided to keep it hidden! It will be available ONLY by breeding and not via the mission! The mission deadline is Jan 29 2023!

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New Limited Edition Caladium

Yesterday we released a limited-edition caladium plantpet dedicated to Thanksgiving! It is a sculpt plant designed by Roxy Bergiere of Love Everlasting. Being sculpt in this case is an advantage as the plant is temporarily rezzed above the pot and does not get subtracted from prims allowed on land.

This plantpet is available as a reward for completing a PlantPets Mission which exchanges 10 growing plantpets for one seed of the limited-edition caladium. The mission is available for purchase at the PlantPets Main Store and must be completed by the 4th of December 2022.

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Halloween Special

We released five new Halloween-themed plantpets. These are 2 limited-edition pumpkin patch plantpets and three blood dripping monstera plantpets. All are available by completing a mission by the 13th of November. Enjoy your Halloween season!

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Limited Edition Tulips

On the 10th of July, we released two limited edition tulips, Tulip *Turquoise* and Tulip *Azure Dream* dedicated to the biggest festival in Islam Eid al-Adha, which lasts 5 days from the 8th to the 12th of July this year. Both limited editions are available as rewards of a mission with a deadline of the 31st of July. The mission is priced at L$500 as the tulip plant parts are an older build. For the limited editions, we arranged them in a beautiful antique incense burner around a golden plated turquoise stone that matches the color of the tulip.


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