Fairy Slipper, Glamping Tents and Rainier Cherry

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We are very excited to announce a few new PlantPets products and developments launched at the Walk in the Woods event today. At the event, we are presenting two new PlantPets species Organic Furniture and Fairy Slipper as well as a brand-new seasonal Fruit Tree *Rainier Cherry*.

All our vendors at the event are set at 15% discount for members of the group PlantPets. Our presentation at the event can be found at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wildridge%20Chateau/117/76/23.

The species Organic Furniture is launched with two limited edition Glamping Tents which form a limited set. These are interactive tents with animations and attachments on sit! They are also plantpets that grows plant parts like any other plantpet! Their baby seeds include lilac bush and liriope plantpets. Glamping Tent *Garden* is available for purchase at the event and Glamping Tent *Forest*, which is limited elite, is hidden. Glamping Tent *Forest* can be obtained by breeding Glamping Tent *Garden*, and the first avatar to discover it will get a second seed of it as a reward.

The Fairy Slipper species comes with 8 common, 1 seasonal, 3 rare and 1 limited fairy slipper plantpets. Three of the common ones, the seasonal and the limited fairy slipper are available for purchase at the event and the rest are hidden. The first avatar to discover each of the hidden ones will get a second seed of it as a reward.

At the Walk in the Woods event, we are introducing the concept of seasonal plantpets. We did have seasonal plantpets in the past and now we are re-introducing them with different terms. Seasonal plantpets have 11 baby seeds before becoming vintage, i.e., not breedable. New seasonal seeds are sold at the PlantPets Main Store and events at L$800 for a limited time only. Seasonal seeds come less often as baby seeds, i.e., effectively they are rarer than common seeds. Seasonal plantpets and rare plantpets give seasonal and rare baby seeds with a higher probability than common and limited plantpets. In general, seasonal plantpets are cheaper than rare plantpets which are hidden at release and the only way they can be first obtained is through breeding common, seasonal, and limited plantpets.