Results from the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest

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Many thanks to all participants in the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest for creating a 4x4 meter diorama. We had 26 entries, all of which are of very high quality which made judging them very difficult! Special thank to Monellis Resident for the excellent organisation of the entire PlantPets Winter Holiday Festival & Contest! This event wouldn’t be possible without her endless creativity and enthusiasm!

The dioramas can still be viewed at the PlantPets Main Store & Market until the 2nd of January.

Main Awards for Diorama Design

We set up a panel of 5 independent judges, who ranked all 26 dioramas on a scale from 1 to 10. We normalised the votes to make sure that each judge’s contribution to the total score is equal. The maximum points a diorama could have received is 50. And the winners are:

  • 1st place winner – Diorama 12 by Saer Genosse – 35.2 points – award L$10,000
  • 2nd place winner – Diorama 23 by Christopher Delaunay – 34.4 points – award L$5,000
  • 3rd place winner – Diorama 20 by Lysa Clarence – 34.1 points – award L$2,500

The winners also receive an extra set of seeds the two new festive plantpets released especially for the event.
Other dioramas with high scores which deserve a special mention are: diorama 11 by Aisha Audebarn, diorama 6 by AlexBrandon, diorama 21 by Sarizen, diorama 10 by Jess Riederer and diorama 19 by Blade Blachere.

Panel of Judges

Our judges are (in alphabetical order)

Aeon Jiminy
Aeon Jiminy is a well-known graphic designer and content creator. In the early years of SL he was the creator of the best clothing brand for men no.07. The current work of Aeon in digital art can be found on Instagram at

Eoh Bowdit
Eoh Bowdit is a graphic designer who works as a blogger and photographer in SL. His photography work can be found at on Flickr at

Lexandra Etzel
Lexandra Etzel represents SLEA - Second Life's Endowment for the Arts. SLEA offers a platform for artists and art enthusiasts alike to connect and collaborate with one another. SLEA believes in the power of art to build bridges and bring people together, and aims to create an environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and artistic growth.
To keep up with SLEA Events join the group (only for SLEA events): secondlife:///app/group/91b7ba50-5441-3717-865c-d06958339c9f/about

Regi Yifu
Regi Yifu is a multi-talented individual who serves as the coordinator for SLEA - the Second Life Endowment for the Arts. With a true passion for creativity, Regi thrives on bringing imaginative experiences to life. As a longstanding member of the virtual world of Second Life, Regi has honed his skills as a graphic designer, allowing him to express his artistic vision with precision and flair. Not only does Regi excel in the digital realm, but he also has a knack for creating sonic landscapes as a skilled DJ. Additionally, Regi's culinary prowess shines through as he delights in the art of cooking. With his diverse range of talents and unwavering passion for creativity, Regi Yifu continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of Second Life.
Check out Regi Yifu’s Regimade Factory Store at
Check out SLEA at

ShuggahStupor Stoker
ShuggahStupor Stoker enjoys working in the arts, doing individual projects, and also curating arts and music. Shuggah is a Liason for SLEA - Second Life Endowment of the Arts, and curates the Sky Galleries and The Music Factory Musical venue there.
Check out SLEA at

Community Awards

The winners of the community awards are the three dioramas which received the highest number of votes in the photo contest. The winners are:

  • 1st place winner – Lawst Whimsy – L$1,000
  • 2nd place winner – alli Cliassi
  • 3rd place winner – borges19 Oh

The winners also receive an extra set of seeds the two new festive plantpets released especially for the event.

Organisers Awards

The PlantPets Winter Holiday Festival was organised by Monellis Resident and Bruce Liebknecht. The winners of the organiser awards for Original Design are:

  • 1st place winner – Borges19 Oh - L$2,500
  • 2nd place winner – BrendaLee Fredriksson
  • 3rd place winner – Jes Riederer

Honourable Awards for Design:

  • Aisha Audebarn
  • AlexBrandon
  • Blade Blachere
  • Jimetou
  • llpicholl
  • Sandra Kaufmann
  • Sarizen

Congratulations to all winners!