How to Use Your Surplus Seeds

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If you have produced more PlantPets seeds than you wish to plant and grow yourself, there are multiple things you can do with them:

  1. You can either put for sale the surplus seeds or give them away to friends. We offer a Stats HUD that suggests base prices for seeds.
  2. You can plant 10 seeds and then exchange 10 growing plantpets for a variety of breeder’s tools. This is done with an object we call “Mission”. You can purchase one of the available missions at the PlantPets Main Store and then use it to exchange 10 growing plantpets for one of the following:
    • One-week Water Droplet. Water droplets water plantpets of their owner automatically.
    • Booster Pack. PlantPets boosters speed up the production of baby seeds. With boosters, a plantpet can produce a seed every 5-6 days.
    • Magic Booster. Once a plantpet produces all its seeds, it becomes vintage and can no longer produce seeds. Magic boosters reverse this and a plantpet can produce another set of seeds depending on its status: common (7 seeds or 14 seeds if elite), seasonal (11 seeds or 22 seeds if elite), rare (14 seeds or 28 seeds if elite) or limited (77 seeds or 154 seeds if elite).
    • Older limited, rare, or seasonal PlantPets seeds. This is an opportunity for collectors to obtain older limited seeds.

Please note that the following three plantpets CANNOT be used in missions because they have been available either free or as 24h demos:

  • Eleusis *Roseus*
  • Lilac Bush *Fiera*
  • Hot Lips *Utopia*