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Wondergarden Released!

Today we are releasing 11 Wondergarden plantpets, one of which is a limited edition. See the all in our Web catalog.Six of them are already available to buy in the PlantPets Main Store and there is a PlantPets Wondergarden mission for obtaining the other five. The six common Wondergardens are rose-themed, and the four rare ones as well as the limited edition are pumpkin-themed.

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Coming soon!

Some of the new plantpet species to be released this season. Stay tuned!

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Petite Rose PlantPets

On the 26th of June we released six common petite roses: Julia, King Arthur, Echnaton, Penelope, Scarlett O'Hara and

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Seven Petite Rose PlantPets to be released this Wednesday!

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Happy Easter!

We have brought the seasonal Easter Egg tree back to the PlantPets Main Store for one week only. It is L$795 with 20% off for member of the group PlantPets Premium. Stay tuned for a few new releases in the next month, including a tiny rose, new range of bamboo plants and tulips!

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Love Is In The Air @ The PlantPets Main Store!

Today we released seven new Infinity Bamboo Roses: Pink Champagne, Blue Melody, Lady Luck, Pink Serenity, Silver Streak, Purple Royale and Gold Rush. The same colour varieties have existed in the climbing rose collection and now we are adding them to the infinity bamboo rose collection as well. Blue Melody, Pink Champagne and Purple Royale are released as common and the other four are rare.

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New Booster Prices and a Cannabis Room

Booster Prices

We have finalized the prices of the boosters for 2013. We have made an effort to make the method of determining the prices as transparent as possible. This is how they are calculated:

1-unit bosters

The price of the 1 unit booster has been set at 15 lindens. The price of each pack of 1-unit boosters is calculated by the formula (15 x number_of_units ^ 0.875).

5-unit boosters

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PlantPets Joint Paper *Aura Plus* Released

Today we have released a scripted paper which can be used to wrap joints out of your cannabis plantpets. The paper comes in two versions: the expensive Type A which wraps joints and does not affect your plantpet at all, and the the cheap Type B which deletes your cannabis plantpet in exchange for the joints.

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Seven Cannabis PlantPets Released

We are releasing 7 common cannabis plantpets. One of them, Cannabis *Superbia*, will be upgraded to a rare plantpet on the 3rd of January. Each cannabis plantpet bought at the PlantPets Main Store comes with a free joint which lasts for 5 hours.

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Christmas Tree *Cozy* Released!

We’ve just released the new Christmas Tree *Cozy*! It grows from a small little tree to a fully grown and decorated one! This is a mesh plantpet which may count as non-temporary prims on your land! The total land impact of the tree and the stand is 19 prims! All three Christmas tree plantpets are 20% off for members of PlantPets Premium until the end of December! Please note that there is only 50% chance for a Christmas tree plantpet to give a Christmas tree seed!


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