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Dendrobium Orchids Released!

Today we have released the dendrobium orchids which are built with same prims as our classical dendrobium orchids from 2008 and brand new textures which bring the best out of this classical prim work. The new 9 sets of textures were created by Hernesto Kayo of Zpr who has done a truly amazing job.

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Dendrobium Orchids Revamped!

We have been revamping our very old dendrobium orchids. Hernesto Kayo of Zpr created a set of very beautiful new textures to fit our original 3D build of the dendrobium orchid. He has created 9 different colors. On the 28th of November we will release 2 versions of each color: one with 3 stems and a second one with a single stem. That makes 18 new plantpets in total.

With the release of the new dendrobium orchids, the 3 old ones will become limited editions, i.e. while they will still give baby seeds they will never come as seeds of other plantpets.

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Christmas Decoration Contest

We are looking for someone to decorate the PlantPets Main Store for Christmas with up to 160 prims. To apply please send the following to Bruce Liebknecht by Saturday:

1) at least 3 pictures of your work as a decorator;
2) a notecard with links to products on the SL marketplace which you intend to use.

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Evil Broccoli Genes

Please note that the Evil Broccoli plantpet has only one gene at the moment. It is the gene "potato head" with strength 50%. That means the baby seeds of the Evil Broccoli plantpet will be any Potato Head in 50% of the cases and any other non-limited plantpet in the other 50% of the cases. Please also not that we have united the Evil Broccoli with the Potato Heads in species Vegetable Heads.

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Evil Broccoli Release

The Evil Broccoli and Mission have been released today at midday SLT. Initially, 250 copies are available for purchase in two vendors. Vendor A with 100 seeds will sell only one seed per avatar (if the avatar has not purchased any broccoli yet). Vendor B with 150 seeds will sell any number of seeds to any avatar.

Please NOTE that the Evil Broccoli is mesh and may be counted as 5 non-temporary prims on your land! This is our first mesh plantpet too! The Broccoli mesh was created by EntecMedia especially for PlantPets!

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Evil Broccoli PlantPet and Mission

This Friday, the 26th of October, PlantPets will release a limited edition (LE) Evil Broccoli PlantPet as well as an Evil Broccoli Halloween Mission. The mission will consist of feeding a hungry evil broccoli 10 growing plantpets. It will eat any plantpet and once it has eaten ten, it will award you with a LE plantpet which is randomly picked from the following plantpets:

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Get Rare Sunflowers with the PlantPets October 2012 Mission!

We have just released the October 2012 PlantPets Mission! It will be sold at the PlantPets Main Store until the 22nd of October, 1 pm SLT. The cost of the mission is L$250. It will be 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium until the 9th of October, 1 pm SLT and 10% off for members of the same group afterwards. The mission expires at the end of the month and awards can be claimed only until the 31st of October 2012.

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Nine Sunflower plantpets have just been released, 6 common ones and 3 rare ones! All nine are listed in our catalog. Please note that they share the asterales gene with the asters and the daisies! All common sunflowers will be 25% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium until tomorrow, Oct 1st, 3 pm SLT.

A mission that will award rare sunflowers will follow in a few days! Stay tuned!

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Time-Lapse Video of the Smiling Orchid Tree!

Please like and share the new PlantPets video on youtube! :) It was shoot in the beautiful sim Terra Ursa Minor. Special thanks to Galileo Michalski!

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Booster Price Scheduled Update (This September)

We would like to warn all our customers that this September we will be implementing the annual scheduled update of the prices of the PlantPet boosters. It is expected that the price of boosters will go up by about 10%.


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