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New Booster Prices and a Cannabis Room

Booster Prices

We have finalized the prices of the boosters for 2013. We have made an effort to make the method of determining the prices as transparent as possible. This is how they are calculated:

1-unit bosters

The price of the 1 unit booster has been set at 15 lindens. The price of each pack of 1-unit boosters is calculated by the formula (15 x number_of_units ^ 0.875).

5-unit boosters

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PlantPets Joint Paper *Aura Plus* Released

Today we have released a scripted paper which can be used to wrap joints out of your cannabis plantpets. The paper comes in two versions: the expensive Type A which wraps joints and does not affect your plantpet at all, and the the cheap Type B which deletes your cannabis plantpet in exchange for the joints.

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Seven Cannabis PlantPets Released

We are releasing 7 common cannabis plantpets. One of them, Cannabis *Superbia*, will be upgraded to a rare plantpet on the 3rd of January. Each cannabis plantpet bought at the PlantPets Main Store comes with a free joint which lasts for 5 hours.

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Christmas Tree *Cozy* Released!

We’ve just released the new Christmas Tree *Cozy*! It grows from a small little tree to a fully grown and decorated one! This is a mesh plantpet which may count as non-temporary prims on your land! The total land impact of the tree and the stand is 19 prims! All three Christmas tree plantpets are 20% off for members of PlantPets Premium until the end of December! Please note that there is only 50% chance for a Christmas tree plantpet to give a Christmas tree seed!

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New starter packs, HUD, planned booster price update and a new Christmas Tree!

A lot of stuff has been going on at PlantPets at this moment. Here is an attempt to summarize some news:

1) As you know the price of the boosters did not go 10% up last September as we had planned. The 10% update will take place with the beginning of the new year instead. Prices will be updated on the 3rd of January.

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PlantPets at SL Christmas Expo 2012

This year PlantPets is a platinum sponsor of the SL Christmas Expo in support of RFL, which takes place from the 6th to the 19th of December on a group of 5 regions in SL.
PlantPets has two pavilions at the expo at the following locations: Main pavilion in Expo Region 4 and a Second pavilion in Expo Region 5.

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PlantPets HUD

We released a new cool tool for PlantPets breeders, a HUD that monitors all plantpets in the region. We would like to thank all people who helped with the beta tests in the last few days! The HUD is free for members of the groups PlantPets and PlantPets Premium until it is available in the group messages.

The HUD discovers PlantPets automatically and shows the top 10 which may require attention. The list gets refreshed and ordered automatically and the HUD does not require any setup.

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Dendrobium Orchids Released!

Today we have released the dendrobium orchids which are built with same prims as our classical dendrobium orchids from 2008 and brand new textures which bring the best out of this classical prim work. The new 9 sets of textures were created by Hernesto Kayo of Zpr who has done a truly amazing job.

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Dendrobium Orchids Revamped!

We have been revamping our very old dendrobium orchids. Hernesto Kayo of Zpr created a set of very beautiful new textures to fit our original 3D build of the dendrobium orchid. He has created 9 different colors. On the 28th of November we will release 2 versions of each color: one with 3 stems and a second one with a single stem. That makes 18 new plantpets in total.

With the release of the new dendrobium orchids, the 3 old ones will become limited editions, i.e. while they will still give baby seeds they will never come as seeds of other plantpets.

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Christmas Decoration Contest

We are looking for someone to decorate the PlantPets Main Store for Christmas with up to 160 prims. To apply please send the following to Bruce Liebknecht by Saturday:

1) at least 3 pictures of your work as a decorator;
2) a notecard with links to products on the SL marketplace which you intend to use.


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