Happy 6th Birthday PlantPets!

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Today PlantPets is 6 years old! To commemorate this occasion we will exclusively release a limited number of the plantpet Eleusis *Glamorous* which was created especially for the 3th birthday of PlantPets in December 2010. Three years ago we released 70 copies of Eleusis *Glamorous*, each with a serial number. This year, from today to the end of December, we will give a copy of Eleusis *Glamorous* to every avatar who satisfies the following condition:

- registered in SL before January 1st 2013,
- member of the group PlantPets Premium,
- has made a purchase from the PlantPets Main Store for at least L$100.

To claim your copy, send an IM to Bruce Liebknecht in Second Life before 1st of January 2014, explaining that you apply for Eleusis *Glamorous*.

Happy Holidays!