Top Breeders

Top 50 PlantPets Breeders

Based on the last 65 days. Last updated at 2022-08-16 19:08:00 MDT.

1Lysa Clarence4683
2Anja Horten3669
3Monellis Resident3313
4Kaleatah Resident2595
50079Galadriel Resident2362
6Alva Swansen2192
7Kithahorie Resident2088
8AtreyuLogan Resident1994
9Gaseous Frenzy1993
10derek Buccaneer1981
11Harry333 Allen1867
12Roxy Bergiere1755
13sarizen Resident1440
14IveGotFishues Resident1322
15EikoChano Resident1232
16KainanDavis Resident1227
17Galaxy Scientist1213
18Eric3Grey Resident1158
19ocrowe Resident1155
20Zyal Parx1146
21kitswithmints Resident1129
22Cheyenne Core985
23PrincessTali Resident970
24Zubina McMillan964
25LoganPryor Resident895
26JUSTUS Palianta892
27Krista Jestyr845
28StarshineAdores Resident832
29Gwencalon Resident825
30Trot Mistwalker805
31Sylvia Ashbourne774
32Claire Novaland771
33Renee Claymore769
34Dakari Harbinger735
35Pixel Ghost725
36CRITTERQUEEN Resident711
37Autumn Ehrenkranz696
38Heelmaus Denver667
39llPicholl Resident663
40EvaHarley Resident648
41Tracee Seelowe642
42borges19 Oh637
43Aisha Audebarn634
44Belladonna Bunderfeld625
45EliShemesh Resident613
46LynnXing Resident596
47Brandy Birge590
48SylDEFRANCE Resident579
49OnaSUPER Nova572
50Heart Koba560

Points Explained:

This scoreboard updates once every 6 hours. The points here may differ from the points displayed on trophies in SL due to delay in synchronization. The trophies in SL gets synced once every 24h.

The points are based on baby seeds received by avatars in the last 65 days.

common baby seed - 1 point
rare baby seed - 10 points
limited baby seed - 100
elite baby seed - 10
vintage baby seed - 10

Note that an elite seed will contribute 10 points for being an elite plus 10 for being rare or 100 for being limited, for example.