Thanksgiving Special - Petite Rose *Pilgrim* and a Mission!

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Following the PlantPets Q&As session, which took place last Thursday at a LiTTLe BiT of EVERYTHING by NECK, we are releasing for purchase the limited edition Petite Rose *Pilgrim* which was given away to all avatars who attended the Q&A session.

The coloring of Petite Rose *Pilgrim* is inspired by the costumes of the American Pilgrims. This limited edition will be available to purchase for L$350 in the PlantPets Main Store until the 1st of December. The petite rose was built by Kadeesha Beaumont and this limited edition was colored with the help of Pixel Ghost.

Together with Petite Rose *Pilgrim* we are also releasing a PlantPets Thanksgiving mission with awards six limited edition roses:

- Petite Rose *Pilgrim* (Thanksgiving 2013 special)
- Rose *Charity* (RFL Breedable Expo 2012 special)
- Rose *Twenty Twelve* (New Year Eve's special)
- Rose *Demokratia* (4th July 2012 special)
- Rose *Republika* (4th July 2012 special)
- Rose *Independence Delight* (4th July 2011 special)

The mission will be available in the PlantPets Main Store until the 16th of December and the deadline for completing it is the 31st of December. With this mission we would like to say THANK YOU to all dedicated plantpet breeders by giving them an opportunity to collect some of our limited editions.

The price of the mission will be L$195 for the first week of its release and for the second and third week, starting on the 1st of December, its price will be L$250.

We are also preparing other special releases before Christmas! Stay tuned!