Limited Edition Halloween-Themed PlantPets

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Today at 13:30 SLT we release the long awaited limited edition plantpet Caladium *Night Shade*. Together with it we also release the PlantPets Mission Fall 2014. At the release we are holding a raffle from 13:30 to 15:00 SLT in the PlantPets Main Store. To enter the raffle an avatar just needs to stay on the ground floor in the store. The raffle will give a Halloween-themed plantpet seed to a randomly picked avatar every 10 min.

The limited edition plantpet Caladium *Night Shade* will be available for sale until the 1st of November. It will be available through the mission until the 15th of November which is the deadline for completing the PlantPets Mission Fall 2014. The mission itself will come free with each purchase of Caladium *Night Shade* and it will also be sold separately until the 7th of November.