Hot Lips

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

A new PlantPets species Hot Lips is coming this Sunday at 10 am SLT with a 2h launch event at the PlantPets Main Store!

This release comes with many surprises:

* Hot Lips will have 7 common plantpets (in the picture here), 8 rares (hidden) and one limited edition. It will be possible to buy only the common ones and a PlantPets mission that rewards the limited edition. The commons must be bred to get the rares. The first AV to get each rare will receive a second seed of the same rare as a reward!

* Raffle for 2 hours at the release event in the PlantPets Main Store 10 am - 12 pm SLT in the PlantPets Main Store.

* The Hot Lips seeds & mission sold in the PlantPets Main Store will come with collectable *Be My Valentine* decor items, Be My Valentine #silver varieties (common and rare) with the common seeds and the limited Be My Valentine #gold with the mission. This is our 3rd collectable after the dancing flowers and the wild crocus collectables.