NFT Rewards

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The PlantPets NFT reward for July is our very first limited edition plantpet Eleusis Glamorous. It is a glamorised version of Eleusis Roseus (the very first plantpet) with some added glow and special particles. It was released in December 2010 for the 3rd birthday of PlantPets. Since Eleusis Glamorous is vintage by default, the reward pack also contains one magic booster that can be applied to the plantpet to make it breedable.

The PlantPets NFT rewards are available at the PlantPets Main Store in SL to people that have purchased at least one NFT from the dejaPi Sky collection The NFTs in this collection are personally made by me (Bruce Liebknecht). Every NFT in this collection (except one that was given away last year) contains hidden content. The hidden content is a code that can be used to get a reward at the PlantPets Main Store every month. That is, a single purchase gives you a code that then you can use to get a reward in SL every month. You can keep claiming the rewards even if you sell your NFTs because I get a small % of every sale of an NFT in this collection.

The NFTs in this collection are very cheap now (currently under 2 USD per NFT) but to buy one it is also necessary to pay gas fees which vary throughout the day and can be around 30-40 USD. Still, we believe this is a good offer which will eventually pay off. I considered doing the NFT rewards in an attempt to stay current and incorporate cryptocurrencies with PlantPets, and also to enable another way of supporting PlantPets. Please note that you can fully play PlantPets without the NFT rewards. The seeds given as rewards are available to purchase from breeders. The monthly NFT rewards do not offer anything that is exclusive. The only exception were the 52-unit boosters last month, but it is always possible to get a seed in 5 days with the 10 unit boosters, which is not much longer compared to using the 52 unit boosters.

To purchase one of these NFTs you can install the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet as an extension of your browser. You can then purchase some Ethereum at a cryptocurrency exchange of your choice and have them transferred to your MetaMask wallet. Then you can log in to with your MetaMask wallet and make purchases and sales. We are not promoting MetaMask. Please feel free to use another wallet if you prefer. MetaMask is the way I know this can be done. In general, an NFT is simply a token that is stored on a decentralized blockchain, and it can be used as an identifier of a digital asset. NFTs are most popularly associated with digital art but there are also NFTs associated with URLs and land parcels in decentralised virtual worlds, to mention a few. In the case of the dejaPi Sky collection, each NFT represents an original digital photograph taken by me.