PlantPet 3.0 Has Arrived!

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We are super excited to announce that the work on the long anticipated PlantPet 3.0 has been completed! PlantPet 3.0 reflects our 13 year experience with growing and breedable plants in SL and the user feedback we have collected over the years. We believe that with PlantPet 3.0 we can bring a much more entertaining experience to all owners and breeders of PlantPets.

We will gradually replace PlantPet 2.0s by PlantPet 3.0 in our servers. Seeds do not need an update! Only growing plants will have to be updated and seeds will automatically deliver the latest version of the growing plants available in our servers.

We have already upgraded all cannabis plantpets to version 3.0, i.e. next time you plant a cannabis seed you will receive a PlantPet 3.0. An update for the already growing cannabis plantpets will be available soon. Once we upgrade all (around 500) plantpets to version 3.0 in our servers, we will allow a few months for everybody to update their growing plantpets. We expect that version 3.0 will replace version 2.0s completely in our servers by Feb 1, 2021.

What is new and different in version 3.0? We added a few very exciting features:

  1. The menu system has been greatly simplified. A single press of the [Water] button increases the moisture to 100%. We also integrated boosting and seed collection in the menu. All stats of the plantpet are also included in the menu. As a result, the chat messages from plantpets are greatly reduced. PlantPet 3.0 has only two speeds of growth: Regular and Fast. The Regular speed in version 3.0 is similar to the RL speed in version 2.0s, while the Fast speed in version 3.0 is similar to the XXtra Fast speed in version 2.0s. A plantpet left on Fast speed for 15 min switches itself to Regular speed automatically. While on Regular speed, PlantPet 3.0 requires watering only once a week.
  2. Tmp-rez can be turned off by a menu button. This has been the most requested feature for many years. With version 3.0 you can choose which plantpets to show and which to hide and use only for breeding. There is a small cost for hiding plantpets, the days to the next seed increase by 25%. This is not permanent. The days to the next seed decrease by 25% as soon as you show the plantpet.
  3. PlantPet 3.0 allows for plantpets to be automatically watered by a watering system. We will release the watering system after we upgrade at least 50% of the plantpets in our servers. The watering system will allow large-scale breeders to water their plantpets easier. It is also an option for people who cannot log in to SL every week and want to have their plantpets watered automatically.
  4. PlantPet 3.0 never dies. If its moisture drops below 40% its happiness and health will start decreasing, and if either its happiness or health are below 50%, it will stop counting down the days to a baby seed.
  5. PlantPet 3.0 has a limit on the number of seeds it can produce. This is a very mild limitation aimed at increasing the value of rare and rare elite seeds on the breeders' market. The limits are as follows:
    • A common plantpet can produce 7 seeds, i.e. one year of seed production without use of boosters.
    • A rare plantpet can produce 14 seeds.
    • A limited edition plantpet can produce 77 seeds.
    • For elite plantpets these numbers are multiplied by 2.

    For example, let's say a breeder owns 1 rare, 5 rare elite and 2 limited edition plantpets, one of which elite. With these plantpets only, in one year, they can produce 385 seeds. Once a plantpet has reached its seed limit, it becomes vintage, i.e. still growing and functioning as usual but without producing seeds. If recycled with a PlantPets Recycle Bin, such a plantpet will regain a new set of seeds (as long as it is not listed as a vintage plantpet in the PlantPets Catalog). We will also make available (but hard to obtain) a magic booster that refills any vintage plantpet with seeds it can produce.

You can plant now a Cannabis seed to check out the new PlantPet 3.0 system!