Halloween 2020 - 2-Step Mission!

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We are excited to present to you a full-blown set of Broccoli plantpets this Halloween season! We added five new broccoli plantpets to the two classic and well-known limited editions Evil Broccoli *Scary* and Evil Broccoli *Mystic*. The new ones are:

- Evil Broccoli *Alien* (common)
- Evil Broccoli *Blood Orange* (common)
- Evil Broccoli *Commie* (common)
- Evil Broccoli *Genie* (rare)
- Evil Broccoli *Royal Evil* (limited elite)

The three common and the rare one can be obtained with a mission that exchanges any 10 growing plantpets for asingle seed of the choice of the player. The limited edition is much harder to obtain. It is obtainable ONLY through a mission that exchanges 6 growing broccoli plantpets for one seed of the limited edition *Royal Evil*. Both missions are available in the PlantPets Main Store for 12L each. With the current price of seeds on the SL Marketplace, we are estimating that an avatar can collect all five new broccoli plantpets with less than 2000 lindens in total and typically much less.

Both missions come with a robot that can be used to update pre-May 2019 brown seeds to the current green seeds by the end of October. This is very useful for avatars who purchase cheap old seeds on the Marketplace for completing the first mission.

Both missions must be completed by the 31st of October 2020.