Mission Vintage Collection

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

We released a PlantPets Mission that allows the most dedicated breeders collect some rare and limited edition vintage plantpets. The price of the mission is L$250 and an award is given in exchange of any 10 plantpets. The awards are:

- Aster *Japonica* (rare elite)
- Calla Lily *Blanca* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Fucsia* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Naranja* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Roja* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Yello* (LE elite)
- Daisy *Spotty Hawaiian* (rare elite)
- Eleusis *Fuchsia* (rare elite)
- Poinsettia *Vintage* (LE)

The deadline for completing the mission is the 15th of August. Please note that the seeds given by the mission will give breedable plants only before the 8th of August! After the 8th the seeds of these vintage plantpets will deliver plants which are not breedable.