Vintage PlantPets

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

We introduce a new status for PlantPets: vintage. Typically very old plantpets will be promoted to the status vintage which will make them no longer breedable. Any already planted vintage plantpet which is breedable will remain breedable, however any seeds (old or new) of vintage plantpets will deliver plantpets which are not breedable. Vintage plantpets can be used in all missions as usual. Recycling already planted breedable vintage plantpets with recycling bins will make them non-breedable.

We launch this new status with promoting the following plantpets to vintage:

- all Eleusis plantpets
- all Aster plantpets
- all Daisy plantpets
- Calla Lily: Blanca, Naranja, Fuchsia, Roja and Yello
- Poinsettia *Vintage*

We are giving a two week period before seeds of these plantpets will start delivering plants which are not breedable. Starting from the 8th of August all seeds of these plantpets will deliver plants which are not breedable.