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Limited Editions with 5% Chance

Starting from today limited edition plantpets may give a baby seed of the same limited edition with 5% chance. This percentage maybe adjusted in the future.

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Booster Reorganization

As part of reorganizing our booster system, the PlantPets affiliate booster vendors will be retired this weekend. Booster packs will remain available for purchase at the PlantPets Main Store and on the SL Marketplace.

The next steps that we will take will include:

- Release of a permanent mission which exchanges plantpets for booster packs.
- Reduction of the unnecessary variety of booster packs available for purchase.
- Improvement of the protection of boosters by making them non-transferable.

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Rosacea Cacti and a Summer PlantPets Mission

We are releasing 19 new Rosacea Cacti plantpets on the 3rd of July. Two of them are limited edition plantpets which will be available only by completing the PlantPets Summer Mission with a deadline the end of July 2016.

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Easter Lilies

We’ve just released two special Easter lilies: Easter Lily *Joyous* is a rare elite and Easter Lily *Jelly Bean* is a LIMITED EDITION! Both can be purchased from the PlantPets Main Store until the 8th of April. They can also be obtained as awards via our Easter mission by the end of March.

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New Bamboo PlantPets

Today we are releasing eight beautiful curvy bamboo plantpets. Seven of them are common and the eight one the Golden bamboo is a rare elite. They belong to the Lucky Bamboo species but they have their strong curvy gene which will make most of their babies also curvy bamboos.

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Rarities Mission and a Month-Long Raffle!

In response to many requests we have released a new mission that exchanges any 6 plantpets for one of the following nine limited-edition plantpets:

- Shamrock *Silver Green* LE
- Caladium *Fantasy Rainbow* LE
- Caladium *Night Shade* LE
- Dendrobium Orchid *Dragon's Charm* LE
- Petite Rose *Pilgrim* LE
- Poinsettia *Vintage* LE
- Evil Broccoli *Scary* LE
- Wondergarden *Easter Egg Factory* LE
- Wondergarden *Halloween Tea* LE

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PlantPets Redelivery Stations

We have installed two PlantPets redelivery stations in the PlantPets main store. From now on, these stations will be the proper way to request redeliveries of lost baby seeds and lost boosters from elite parents.

Depending on the case these stations either redeliver products automatically or notify Bruce Liebknecht who will process the request manually. Any other redelivery requests sent to Bruce Liebknecht by IM or a notecard will be processed with less priority.

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21 Tulips and the #lovewins Rose

Last night we released 21 tulip plantpets as well as a limited edition rose #lovewins to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage in the USA on the 26th of June 2015.

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New PlantPets Coming in Summer 2015

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New Poinsettias and Christmas Raffle

PlantPets would like to wish all PlantPet breeders Happy Holidays! To celebrate this holiday season we are releasing four new rare poinsettia plantpets. They are available for purchase for L$350 each in the PlantPets Main Store. We also put out vendors with all seasonal Christmas plantpets in the PlantPets Main Store.

The four new poinsettia plantpets and all other seasonal Christmas plantpets will be available for sale in the PlantPets Main Store until the 29th of December. All of them are 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium when they wear their group tag.


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