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Summer PlantPets Festival, Aug 1-15 2020

You are invited to participate in the first ever SUMMER PLANTPETS FESTIVAL (August 1-15, 2020), which offers the opportunity for exhibitors to present six fully grown PlantPets displayed creatively in a decorative setting.

Merchants and bloggers, grab an app from PlantPets Main Store (Applications will not be accepted after July 24).

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Common Seeds back in the PlantPets Main Store

We installed 5 gacha machines in which we alphabetically distributed all (currently) 245 common non-vintage PlantPets seeds. One play is 120L. This price was set after consultations with many PlantPets breeders to ensure a healthy breeders' market and at the same time to be reasonable for people who get started with PlantPets and go to the main store to get their first seed. Next to the five gacha machines there are also two easels on which one can browse the PlantPets seed catalog on the Web.

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Major Mandatory Update 2019-1

Two weeks ago all communication from plantpets and seeds to our servers failed due to some of our scripts becoming too old. On the 20th of May we restored our servers, but all plantpets and all plantpet seeds in SL must be updated in order to make them communicate to our servers.

To update your plantpets and seeds you must do the following.

Step 1. Pick up the two update robots from the PlantPets Main Store.

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Halloween Mission and New Evil Broccoli

Today we released a new limited-edition Evil Broccoli and a Halloween Mission!

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Mission Vintage Collection

We released a PlantPets Mission that allows the most dedicated breeders collect some rare and limited edition vintage plantpets. The price of the mission is L$250 and an award is given in exchange of any 10 plantpets. The awards are:

- Aster *Japonica* (rare elite)
- Calla Lily *Blanca* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Fucsia* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Naranja* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Roja* (LE)
- Calla Lily *Yello* (LE elite)
- Daisy *Spotty Hawaiian* (rare elite)
- Eleusis *Fuchsia* (rare elite)
- Poinsettia *Vintage* (LE)

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Vintage PlantPets

We introduce a new status for PlantPets: vintage. Typically very old plantpets will be promoted to the status vintage which will make them no longer breedable. Any already planted vintage plantpet which is breedable will remain breedable, however any seeds (old or new) of vintage plantpets will deliver plantpets which are not breedable. Vintage plantpets can be used in all missions as usual. Recycling already planted breedable vintage plantpets with recycling bins will make them non-breedable.

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Booster Packs Mission and a Raffle

We released a new mission which has no expiration date. It can be used to exchange any 10 growing plantpets for a booster pack (either 5x10 or 10x5). The mission is available for L$195 in a blue vendor in the PlantPets Main Store. We have a few blue vendors around the store. We also started a free raffle that gives this mission to a randomly picked avatar currently in the shop once every 23 hours. The raffle will go on until the end of August!

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Limited Editions with 5% Chance

Starting from today limited edition plantpets may give a baby seed of the same limited edition with 5% chance. This percentage maybe adjusted in the future.

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Booster Reorganization

As part of reorganizing our booster system, the PlantPets affiliate booster vendors will be retired this weekend. Booster packs will remain available for purchase at the PlantPets Main Store and on the SL Marketplace.

The next steps that we will take will include:

- Release of a permanent mission which exchanges plantpets for booster packs.
- Reduction of the unnecessary variety of booster packs available for purchase.
- Improvement of the protection of boosters by making them non-transferable.

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Rosacea Cacti and a Summer PlantPets Mission

We are releasing 19 new Rosacea Cacti plantpets on the 3rd of July. Two of them are limited edition plantpets which will be available only by completing the PlantPets Summer Mission with a deadline the end of July 2016.


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