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New Gift Boxes!

We changed our gift boxes to look much cooler! :) Thanks to Marika and Maniac, who helped with building the box!

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Winter Special

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PlantPets in SL Showcase!!!

I'm very happy to announce that the PlantPets project received recognition from the Linden Lab. We have been included as a hot spot in the SL Showcase!

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Password nw4c8sd completed

The last of the 24 gift vouchers we gave away this holiday season is gone. In total, we gave away L$10,800 in gift vouchers with this password plus another about L$20,000 in gift vouchers sent to the members of the PlantPets group!

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New Releases

In the last few days we have been busy releasing new PlantPets for Christmas.

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Christmas Countdown

There are 24 days to Christmas! We have decided to offer big Christmas discounts and we have dropped the prices of all PlantPets with up to 38%!

In addition, we are giving away 24 gift vouchers each worth L$200 at PlantPets. To get one follow the steps:

1. Find the gift-voucher vendor in the PlantPets mains store and go close to it.

2. Type /102 nw4c8sd in the chat and if you have been quick enough you'll get a free L$200 gift voucher.

I'll make a new post here when all 24 vouchers are gone.

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Mr. Grasshead

Today is a big day! We released a new PlantPet, Mr Grasshead! And it is unique in many respects.

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PlantPet 2.0

Today I upgraded the scripts of the PlantPets to a new version 2.0. This is the first major change since last spring. The most important new feature is the introduction of a really slow speed of growth. The full list of changes noticeable to the users is:

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New Building

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New Resell Vendors

Yesterday we released a new faster version of our resell vendor. It comes in two shapes, Uno and Delux.


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