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New Releases

In the last few days we have been busy releasing new PlantPets for Christmas.

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Christmas Countdown

There are 24 days to Christmas! We have decided to offer big Christmas discounts and we have dropped the prices of all PlantPets with up to 38%!

In addition, we are giving away 24 gift vouchers each worth L$200 at PlantPets. To get one follow the steps:

1. Find the gift-voucher vendor in the PlantPets mains store and go close to it.

2. Type /102 nw4c8sd in the chat and if you have been quick enough you'll get a free L$200 gift voucher.

I'll make a new post here when all 24 vouchers are gone.

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Mr. Grasshead

Today is a big day! We released a new PlantPet, Mr Grasshead! And it is unique in many respects.

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PlantPet 2.0

Today I upgraded the scripts of the PlantPets to a new version 2.0. This is the first major change since last spring. The most important new feature is the introduction of a really slow speed of growth. The full list of changes noticeable to the users is:

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New Building

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New Resell Vendors

Yesterday we released a new faster version of our resell vendor. It comes in two shapes, Uno and Delux.

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New vendors, voucher system.... and a password!

Well, it's now official! We have finally installed our new vending system in the PlantPets main store. It has been in development since the end of August and I'm really happy it's already in operation.

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Lucky Log!

Our lucky chair underwent a complete makeover and is now a lucky log! Thanks to Maniac Choche who made an amazingly realistic sculpted log and a texture for it!

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PlantPets @ FloraPrims

We have had a very successful reseller in the last few weeks, the Vlad Bjornson's FloraPrims. At this moment, FloraPrims is probably our best reseller and so I thought I should say a few words about the shop here.

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Insolence Update

Thanks to Marika who posted the link to Camilla's review in the comments of my previous blog entry. And thanks to Camilla for the review of PlantPets she wrote! The review is in her blog Camilla's Secret Gardens. Here is the link again:


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