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Rare Elite Agapanthus

We just released the two planned Agapanthus plantpets: a dark violet one and a pink one. The violet one is sold in our main shop as common and the pink one is rare and elite.

Check out their catalog pages:
Agapanthus *Violet*
Agapanthus *Pink*

With the release of these plantpets we also promoted all common Calla Lily plantpets to rare! Why the Calla Lily? Because they have been the oldest common plantpets.

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Rose *Independence Delight*

We just released a new elite rose called Independence Delight. The new rose will be sold at the main store and may also come as baby of other roses only until tomorrow 2 pm SLT. Then it will be removed from the main store and promoted from seasonal to limited!

Please note that we have planned a recycling system (to be released this Fall) which will allow turning already growing plantpets into transferable seeds. This way some limited plantpets will probably become available on the breeders market.

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Summer 2011 PlantPet Releases

Now that the planned plantpet update has been released we will focus on releasing some new plantpets for the duration of this summer. During the last few months while I was scripting and building the new PlantPets website, plantpet builders have submitted two new species and re-textured some older plants which now we will release with higher priority.

By the end of August we plan to release:

- 2 new Agapanthus plantpets - a pink one and a violet one; one of them will be a rare elite plantpet.

- 5 new Narcissus plantpets - one of them will be a rare elite plantpet.

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PlantPet 2.0s Build 6 Update

After beta-testing for a couple of days we have finally released the planned update for PlantPet 2.0s. Build 6 is an optional but highly recommended update. It serves the following purposes:

(1) Increases the reliability of your plantpets.

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Set4Sale v1.071

Tomorrow we will publicly release for the first time our Set4Sale system. The system has been around for some time. I gave previous versions free to our subscribers. Tomorrow v1.071 will be put for sale in the PlantPets Main Store.

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Breeding Plants?

Somebody raised the question whether the words breeding and breedable can be applied to plants. Yes, according to science they can. There is even a National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB) in the USA. More about plant breeding can be read in the Wikipedia article on plant breeding which has a good number of external references and links as well.

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SL Groups: Change of Policy

PlantPets has two official groups in SL: PlantPets and PlantPets Premium. They have been open to join because we at PlantPets believe in freedom of expression.

However, yesterday for the second time a particular avatar has been trying to spread misinformation in the group chat, this time about introducing compulsory paid food for PlantPets.

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Shift to our own systems for news by IM and more...

After a lot of testing and tweaking, today PlantPets finally switched from subsribe-o-matic to our own system for news by instant message. Subscribe-o-matic is a fantastic system that works perfectly. However, we have already invested in infrastructure outside SL that can support this sort of service and we also have the expertise to implement it. So, it was about time to make our own thing.

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We are on the cover of Breeder Blend!

PlantPets is on the cover of the second issue of the Breeder Blend magazine! I've placed a magazine kiosk in the PlantPets Main Store. Come get your copy!

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I added a new tab to the website:

It shows the last 50 baby seeds delivered in Second Life, the time the seeds was delivered, the plantpet name of the parent and the plantpet name of the baby seed. The list is not auto refreshing for now, so if you want to refresh it you'll need to hit the refresh button in your browser.


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