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What's happening?

I have been very busy in RL as well with an exciting SL project unrelated to PlantPets. With the help of a friend merchant in SL I made a 1-prim vendor which allows the merchant to apply any face with any buttons on it and sell multiple products with different prices. I hope to be able to prepare this vendor for public release by the end of this year as a product of the dejaPi Script Lab.

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Mini PlantPets Shop at the Apollonian Empire

We opened a little rose shop at the market in the Apollonian Empire region. The region is a popular role play location which brings the real look and feel of Ancient Greece. It is definitively worth visiting. The SLURL of the market is:

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Last Summer Release: Marigolds

Just a few days before the astronomical end of the summer we are ready to make the last summer release. The new PlantPet species Marigold will be released on Sep 17, 1 pm SLT in the PlantPets Main Store. Marigolds come as six common ones and a rare one which is also elite. And we are planning some surprises during the release! :)

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PlantPets in the SL Destination Guide

PlantPets is now in the SL destination guide in the Pets & Animals category!
Please check out our entry, like it and share it with your SL friends! It means tons for us.

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Important news about the affiliate vendors

All old affiliate vendors which sell either plantpets or gift vouchers will be shut down next Monday. The booster affiliate vendors will continue to operate with 10% commission. The booster prices in the main shop will be the same as those in the affiliate vendor. PlantPets Premium members can buy boosters with 10% discount from the PlantPets Main Store.

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PlantPets Premium

We opened the group PlantPets Premium for joining without invitation. The joining fee is L$100. This is because the number of invitations we had to send manually has become overwhelming. Avatars who are already members of PlantPets Premium don't have to do anything.

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The New Hyacinths Have Arrived!

Yes, we have finally released the new hyacinths which have been in production since February. A lot of scripting work earlier this year has postponed the release of the hyacinths but they are finally here! The common ones are sold at the PlantPets Main Store with a discount for members of the group PlantPets Premium (20% off for the first week of the release, and 10% afterwards).

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New Species Pachyphytum, Chrome Daisies Now Rare

We just released a new PlantPet species Pachyphytum at the special summer price of L$495. The discount for PlantPets Premium members for the first week of the release is 20% and after that it will remain 10%. Next Sunday we will drop the premium discount for the Narcissus plantpets to 10% as well. Hurry up and get yours at 20% off while the offer lasts.

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Ambergate, Romance or Poeticus?

I'm very happy to announce that we have just released the five new Narcissus/Daffodil plantpets. The three new common ones are Ambergate, Romance and Poeticus. The two rare ones are colored in dark orange/purple which makes them fantasy plantpets as all real daffodils are either white or yellow. The two rare ones are called Fabio and Mateo. Mateo is the elite one!

The catalog entries for all narcissus plantpets are at

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New Look of the PlantPet Catalog

I slightly improved the looks of our plantpets catalog. Now for each species you can see the number of plantpets in that group and when you click on a species name you can also see thumbnails for all plantpets in that group.

The other news is that tonight we are releasing 5 new narcissus/daffodil plantpets, 3 common, 1 rare and 1 rare elite! Stay tuned!


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