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New Booster Vendors and News Kiosk

We just released two new tools for PlantPet Breeders: a more secure and better looking Booster Vendor and a News Kiosk. With this release we are also raising the commission of the booster vendor to 12% for affiliates.

The booster vendor comes in two versions: 6-prim vendor and an 11-prim vendor. The booster vendor only is free for the group PlantPets Premium for the next 2 weeks. If you would like to get it please join the group PlantPets Premium and download it from the group messages until the 19th of December.

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PlantPets at SL Christmas Expo 2011

PlantPets are being presented at the SL Christmas Expo within the Breedable Pet Show together with all other major breedables in SL. We are very proud and happy to take part in the Expo which was open to the public today and will continue until Dec 16.

Our stand is a beautiful little greenhouse custom designed by Hernesto Kayo. We uploaded a few more pictures to Flickr which illustrate its construction. At our stand we show the soon to be released Poinsettia plantpet.

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New Look of the Booster Packs

We have made the switch to the new booster packs. The change is mostly in the looks. We also added more booster pack options and lowered some prices for the 1-unit and 5-unit booster packs. The affiliate booster vendors will update themselves within 24h. And a new more reliable version of the affiliate booster vendor will be released very soon (either tomorrow or on Thursday).

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Preview of the New Look of the Booster Packs

We have been working on new packaging for the booster packs. Here is a preview of what is to come in a couple of days. When the new packaging is finished we will release a new affiliate vendor as well which will be more secure than the current one. The current one will still be fully working and selling the new booster packs. All prices will remain the same. This is only an aesthetic and security update.

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More Tools for PlantPet Breeders

We brought back the PlantPets Info Boards and the Demo Vendor to the PlantPets Main Store. Now they can be purchased on the 2nd floor in the room for Breeders Tools for 95L (20% off for premium members). We will be bringing more and new tools for breeders by the end of this year.

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Our Halloween Sale @ Breeder Blend

Tonight is the last chance to buy the Vampire’s Bite rose from the PlantPets Main Store this year. Also the last chance to buy Candelabra Vomica and Adenium Trumpet at discounted prices. Our Halloween special sale has been covered in detail in the latest issue of the SL magazine “Breeder Blend”. You can subscribe to “Breeder Blend” and read past issues at

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Xcite!-Compatible Hyacinths

We’ve just released the first two Xcite!-compatible PlantPets. They are Passion and Prince of the Night - two beautiful hyacinths textured by [Zpr]. They come in a new highly realistic pot designed by [Zpr] as well.

Prince of the Night will become rare a week after the release and Passion will remain a common plantpet. Both can come as babies of other hyacinths. And their baby seeds can be any hyacinth. For the first week of the release both will be sold at the PlantPets Main Store with 20% OFF for PlantPets Premium members.

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PlantPets became an official Xcite! Partner

We are very happy to announce that today PlantPets has become an official partner of Xcite! On the 29th of October 2011 we will release two new hyacinth plantpets which will be Xcite!-compatible. That is, they will be able to sense avatars wearing the Xcite! genitalia around them, they will react to touch and they will also make you react to them. We will leave one of them common and the second will become rare one week after the release. We hope this is exciting news for all of you!

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Halloween Special!

Come check out our Halloween Special room on the second floor in the PlantPets Main Store. O’ve got scared myself while decorating it! :)) We have brought back the blood-dripping vampire rose there. All plantpets in our Halloween room are 20% off for PlantPets Premium members. Expect some surprises and treats in that room by the end of October!

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Critical OS Software Upgrade — Region Restarts

Please be aware that LL is performing a critical OS software upgrade that may affect the functioning of some sims in the next 2 weeks. The sim of the PlantPets Main Store is functioning fine already. However, in the next 2 weeks we recommend that you first tp to our main store for a second to check if it's up and running before trying to plant seeds or get baby plantpets. Also, please make sure your sim is running fine before attempting the above procedures.


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