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317 Limited Edition Shamrocks!

We have released a brand-new limited edition Shamrock *Silver Green*. Only up to 317 copies will be sold, maximum one copy per avatar only. We have also completely brought back all seasonal shamrock plantpets to the PlantPets Main Store. A new Shamrock catalog book is available for free as well. Shamrocks will stay in our store only until the 24th of March!

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dejaPi Lucky Dip Coming Soon...

The dejaPi Script Lab will be releasing soon a Lucky Dip system with a ban list. This system may be particularly useful for PlantPet breeders who would like to protect their lucky deeps/raffle boards from abuse by people with a large number of alts. The dejaPi Lucky Dip will be free for the PlantPets Premium group. Stay tuned!

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Twelve New Roses and a Twist!

We just released 12 new roses and a hidden 13th one! Eight of the 12 roses are common and four are rare. Two of the common ones are Xcite!-compatible and one of the rares is elite. Please come to the PlantPets Main Store before the 19th of February to pick up a free catalog with pictures of the new roses as well as a Valentine gift from PlantPets!

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Limited Edition Roses

The limited edition roses Sweethearts and Lovers can now be purchased from a vendor at the entrance of the PlantPets Main Store. They are 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium (only for AVs who wear the group tag). The vendor will stay online until 100 seeds are sold. The first 50 seeds were gone before we managed to publish the news about the sale… And only 14 from the second set of 50 seeds are left at the moment. Stay tuned for more new rose plantpets this weekend!

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Recycling Bins for PlantPets

After a thorough beta testing, today we are officially releasing the recycling bins for plantpets. We would like to thank all beta testers again for the very helpful comments and ideas!

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Boosters for Elites

Yesterday, the server that delivers boosters together with the baby seeds of elite plantpets was significantly optimized and moved to a very low lag land. That will result in receiving the booster simultaneously with the baby seed. Please make sure you do not miss one of the two deliveries when you get a baby from an elite plantpet. In Viewer 3 the two simultaneous deliveries may overlap and one of them may remain hidden in your notifications. Please check notifications when you get babies of elite plantpets.

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January Sale Update and Last Day for Rose 2012

Today is the last day to purchase the limited Rose 2012 in the PlantPets Main Store. We will remove it from the shop tomorrow and it won’t be sold again except eventually in very limited quantities at special occasions.

Our January sale continues until this Sunday morning. Many plantpet seeds are 20% off and Saintpaulias are 50% off. This Sunday we will make all Saintpaulias except Saintpualia Purpura rare. So this is also the last chance to easily get some Saintpaulias from the PlantPets Main Store and at a very low price.

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New Gift Cards

We have replaced our “gift vouchers” by “gift cards”. The reason for the change is our belief that the term “gift card” is clearer to the majority of our customers. If you own any unused gift vouchers they will continue to work as usual. Only you need now to press the “Gift Card” button on a vendor in the PlantPets Main Store in order to use them in your transactions.

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Gift-Pack Servers to Retire on March 1st

Before we introduced the plantpet seeds, plantpet babies use to come in the form of gift boxes. Now it is time to finally begin the process of retiring the servers which serve those gift boxes. We are planning to shut down those servers on the 1st of March.

If you have any gift boxed plantpets please have them exchanged to baby seeds before the 1st of March. To have a gift box exchanged to a baby seed you need to rez the box, touch it and choose Unpack from the menu. In response you will receive a transferable baby seed.

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Upgrade of Poinsettia *Vintage* to Limited

Please note that plantpet Poinsettia *Vintage* has been upgraded to a limited plantpet. Limited means that it won’t come as the baby seed of another plantpet. Check out its catalog page. The genes of Poinsettia *Vintage* are now changed to match the genes of our new poinsettia plantpets and the baby seeds of the already limited Poinsettia *Vintage* can be any other poinsettia which is not limited.


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