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Lucky Chair

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Time-lapse video of Agapanthus

I've just uploaded to youtube a video which demonstrates our new plantpet Agapanthus, a prim-work masterpiece by our plantpet designer Lit Oberth.

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Purpose of this blog

Hello everybody, my SL name is Bruce Liebknecht and I'm starting this blog to keep all fans of our plantpets up to date with what's new in our project.

PlantPets is my already long-term adventure in the virtual world Second Life. To be precise there is a whole team behind PlantPets: Maniac Choche (advisor and the first who suggested to me to create growing plants), Marika Dagostino, ViVa Laval, Lit Oberth and Gonzo Morales (four wonderful prim&texture designers), and myself as a scripter and a manager of this team.


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