New Resell Vendors

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Yesterday we released a new faster version of our resell vendor. It comes in two shapes, Uno and Delux.

The 8 prim Uno vendor is very similar to our old resell vendor. We included four copies of it in the resell pack. Three of them contain different plantpets, and the fourth one combines them all. There are 37 plantpets in total in the Uno vendors. And we also included 7 gift vouchers which can be used in the PlantPets main store.

The sculpted Delux vendor (designed by Maniac Choche) is 21 prims. We realise 21 is a lot for a resell vendor but we decided to release it because a few customers asked for it already. It is simply too beautiful!

Delux comes with 13 plantpets and 7 gift vouchers and as soon as we make short time-lapse videos of more plantpets we will release Delux vendors with more plantpets.

The new resell vendors are available free of charge in our main store and on XStreetSL.