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Boosters are now on the SL Marketplace!

Boosters for plantpets, starter packs for plantpet breeders and tools for plantpet breeders are now available on the SL Marketplace in the dejaPi Script Lab shop. Prices are the same as in the PlantPets Main Store. The address of the shop is

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Poinsettia Time-Lapse Growth Video

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Surprise Release and Facebook Mission

Last Sunday we added 5 new plantpets to our catalog, 2 new variations of the Holly Plant and 3 new variations of the Xmas Cactus. With the release we also give away 25 Christmas-themed plantpets. This is how it happened. We placed a mystery box under the Christmas tree in the PlantPets Main Store and the first 25 avatars who typed the correct password near the box received a randomly-picked Christmas-themed plantpet. The password was published in our Facebook page to make this a bigger challenge.

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New Poinsettias!

The new Poinsettia plantpets have been released! Just in time to have them fully grown before Christmas and possibly even get baby seeds from them before the holidays. They are 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium for the first 24h of the release and 10% OFF after that.

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New Poinsettias This Wednesday

You are invited to the release of the new Poinsettia PlantPets this Wednesday, Dec 14, at 1 pm SLT in the PlantPets Main Store. Our new poinsettias are extremely low in temporary prims and will debut at L$595 with 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium for the first 24h of the release.

The plant parts are built with the Arctic Greenhouse poinsettia prims and the pot was especially made for us by RedPoly.

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Starter Packs for PlantPet Breeders

We now offer starter packs for PlantPet breeders. They contain a seed, a booster pack 5x10 and some tools for breeders. The price of a starter pack is L$750 which is a great value considering the included stuff. We offer 6 different starter packs, two with orchid seeds, two with rosa seeds, one saintpaulia and one bonsai.

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New Booster Vendors and News Kiosk

We just released two new tools for PlantPet Breeders: a more secure and better looking Booster Vendor and a News Kiosk. With this release we are also raising the commission of the booster vendor to 12% for affiliates.

The booster vendor comes in two versions: 6-prim vendor and an 11-prim vendor. The booster vendor only is free for the group PlantPets Premium for the next 2 weeks. If you would like to get it please join the group PlantPets Premium and download it from the group messages until the 19th of December.

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PlantPets at SL Christmas Expo 2011

PlantPets are being presented at the SL Christmas Expo within the Breedable Pet Show together with all other major breedables in SL. We are very proud and happy to take part in the Expo which was open to the public today and will continue until Dec 16.

Our stand is a beautiful little greenhouse custom designed by Hernesto Kayo. We uploaded a few more pictures to Flickr which illustrate its construction. At our stand we show the soon to be released Poinsettia plantpet.

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New Look of the Booster Packs

We have made the switch to the new booster packs. The change is mostly in the looks. We also added more booster pack options and lowered some prices for the 1-unit and 5-unit booster packs. The affiliate booster vendors will update themselves within 24h. And a new more reliable version of the affiliate booster vendor will be released very soon (either tomorrow or on Thursday).

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Preview of the New Look of the Booster Packs

We have been working on new packaging for the booster packs. Here is a preview of what is to come in a couple of days. When the new packaging is finished we will release a new affiliate vendor as well which will be more secure than the current one. The current one will still be fully working and selling the new booster packs. All prices will remain the same. This is only an aesthetic and security update.


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