PlantPet 2.0s Build 6 Update

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

After beta-testing for a couple of days we have finally released the planned update for PlantPet 2.0s. Build 6 is an optional but highly recommended update. It serves the following purposes:

(1) Increases the reliability of your plantpets.

(2) Makes your plantpets ready for the introduction of:
(i) Point system (to be introduced by the end of this year).
(ii) Recycling system (planned for this Fall). The recycling bins which we plan to introduce will be used to turn an already growing plantpet into a transferable seed.
(iii) Monitoring devices which will show the parameters of multiple plantpets (health, happiness, days to baby, etc.) in one place.

(3) Improves the baby report that each plantpet prints in the chat. The new report includes the catalog name of the plantpet as well as a link to its page in our Web catalog.

(4) Simplifies the chat command you need to type in order to get your baby seeds delivered. Now, you can simply type “give baby” (without the quotation marks). You need to be aware that all plantpets which have been touched in the last 30 seconds will respond to this command. If you want to get a seed only from a particular plantpet after you have touched a few you can still use the old format command “plantpet_name give baby” where plantpet_name is the name you have given to your plantpet.

Unfortunately, we cannot preserve the days to baby with this update! Thus, you SHOULD update each of your plantpets immediately after they have given you a baby seed. This way, you are not going to lose days to baby. The update robot Planty-6 will double-warn you about this.

You can get the update robot Planty-6 by pressing the “Get Update” button in the menu of any of your plantpets. The robot will be also delivered with all babies of plantpets which haven’t been updated yet. Only Build 5 plantpets will be able to apply this update. If you have an older version plantpet you will need to update it to Version 2.0s Build 5 first. You need ONLY 1 copy of Planty-6 to update all of your plantpets. This update is even easier than the previous ones. You need to turn ON the robot once and then the robot will update every plantpet within chat distance that you touch.

In summary, this is an update that improves the ways in which plantpets work without changing their functions. None of the new systems (points, recycling and monitoring) will be introduced before the end of August which gives you plenty of time to update all of your plantpets.