Seven Cannabis PlantPets Released

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We are releasing 7 common cannabis plantpets. One of them, Cannabis *Superbia*, will be upgraded to a rare plantpet on the 3rd of January. Each cannabis plantpet bought at the PlantPets Main Store comes with a free joint which lasts for 5 hours.

We will soon release a device that will be used to convert one cannabis plantpet to a pack of 5 joints each lasting 5 hours. The joints cause a particle halo to gradually grow above your head. The color of the halo can be different each time the joint is attached. The rarest is the white halo. No sooner than a minute after attaching the halo, it will make the avatar that wears it play some funny animation. Animations will generally change each minute, sometimes with gaps between them. It is also possible to change the name of each joint by touching it when it is rezzed (and not attached).

In the future we will be creating different joints. Our intention is to build a large collection of joints which can be obtained by combining different plantpets.

We would like to emphasize that the cannabis plantpets and the PlantPets joints are an artistic expression and they represent fantasy objects which do not exist in real life.

The cannabis plantpets will be sold at the PlantPets Main Store at L$795 per seed (including a free joint). They will be 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium until the morning of the 3rd of January and then 15% off until the morning of the 15th of January.


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I only now checked the comments above. I would would like to make a few statements:

The linden dollar price of one cannabis plantpet is roughly equivalent to 3.20 USD and if an avatar wears the PlantPets Premium group tag, the price drops under 3 USD. I firmly believe that lower prices would tell our customers that we do not value the quality of our own work and the time and effort we spend not only for creating plantpets but also for creating and maintaining the PlantPets experience for all of us. PlantPets don't appear magically in Second Life. They are the result of a lot of real work.

In fact, the "high" prices at the PlantPets Main Store allow the existence of the secondary seed market. If we were to sell all plantpets at 20 lindens then who would breed them in large quantities? By keeping high prices we create business opportunity for many people in Second Life who sell seeds at much lower prices than us.

The joint paper that gives joints in exchange for a cannabis plantpet is very cheap. It is only 25 linden dollars. We have no intention to charge for it more because it deletes a plantpet. The paper which does not delete a plantpet and still gives you joints is expensive because it is then a separate product.

I don't know what to say about the legal/illegal debate... The first ever growing plant in Second Life that I saw in 2007 was a cannabis plant. I have been asked by customers to create a cannabis plantpet since the beginning of PlantPets. The final look of the one we released was created probably in 2009 and it has been in my inventory since then waiting to be completed with all stages of growth. Probably for a year already, there is a competing breedable company that exclusively offers breedable cannabis. For me, not to release a cannabis plantpet, would mean both not to listen to my customers and not to respond to the competition. Cannabis and joints have been existing in Second Life at least since 2006 and I've never read any law that prohibits creating them in SL. If there is such a law, I would be the first to withdraw the cannabis plantpet.