New starter packs, HUD, planned booster price update and a new Christmas Tree!

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A lot of stuff has been going on at PlantPets at this moment. Here is an attempt to summarize some news:

1) As you know the price of the boosters did not go 10% up last September as we had planned. The 10% update will take place with the beginning of the new year instead. Prices will be updated on the 3rd of January.

2) The PlantPets Smart Monitor HUD is now available to purchase both in the PlantPets Main Store and on the SL Marketplace:
This HIUD we made available to purchase is with the copy permission. Besides the different permissions, this is the same HUD that was given free to the groups PlantPets Premium and PlantPets. The HUD is free for those groups until it is available in the group messages.

3) We updated the Breeders Tool Pack. You can see the new version on the SL Marketplace:

4) We replaced the old PlantPets starter packs with three new starter packs available both in the PlantPets Main Store and on the SL Marketplace:

5) With the release of the new PlantPets starter packs we are upgrading 5 Rosa plantpets (the very old rose plantpet) as well as Saintpaulia *Purpura* to rare.

6) A new Christmas tree is in the making and almost ready to add to our other two Christmas trees. The 3D design and texturing is by EntecMedia. We published some pictures from the making of the tree on various social media websites. You can see them all on Pinterest at