Surprise Release and Facebook Mission

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Last Sunday we added 5 new plantpets to our catalog, 2 new variations of the Holly Plant and 3 new variations of the Xmas Cactus. With the release we also give away 25 Christmas-themed plantpets. This is how it happened. We placed a mystery box under the Christmas tree in the PlantPets Main Store and the first 25 avatars who typed the correct password near the box received a randomly-picked Christmas-themed plantpet. The password was published in our Facebook page to make this a bigger challenge. However, the challenge wasn't too hard because all 25 plantpets were gone within a few minutes after we sent the group message about the mystery box!

Since we would like to give a chance to everybody to win a gift from PlantPets this holiday season we announced a second mission. Any avatar who likes our facebook page until 11:59 pm SLT on the 25th of December SLT will be able to claim a L$450 gift voucher for the PlantPets Main Store. Here it is how it will work. You go to our Facebook page, like it and then send an IM to Bruce Liebknecht in SL with your Facebook name in order to claim your reward. All vouchers will be made available on the 26th of December. We will install a second magic box in the PlantPets Main Store and any of the avatars who has completed the mission will receive a voucher from the box when they touch it.