Welcome to the New PlantPets Website!

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Hello everybody again and welcome to our new website! We actually launched this new website at http://plantpets.dejapi.com a month ago but I had the front page finished only today. All older blog entries (below this one) are blog entries I transfered from our old blog @ blogspot.com. I did not transfer the articles related to my plans for the next plantpet version because I have put those plans on hold for now. After I spent some time on the development I realised that there are many other steps that I need to take first before launching a new version.

Those of your who have been following the developments at PlantPets are well aware about some of those steps. They included the design and population of a large database with details about all plantpets (208 to date) and the introduction of a new and intelligent selection of baby plantpets based on genes. The selection of baby plantpets based on genes is how I originally intended to have it done but it took nearly 2 years for me to get a clear idea and understanding how to design and implement it.

I also had to replace the old PlantPets servers with more reliable ones based on the http-in functionality introduced into LSL in 2009. Our first servers were UUID dependent. That is, if I had a server returned I had to release an update or replace all gift packs inworld. It happened once or twice throughout the years and as you can imagine it was a nightmare for me. With the new technology I can simply rez my servers again if returned or deleted and everything will work fine. The transition to this technology is now almost complete. There will be one final update very soon and then we will have a much more reliable product and I will be able to think about the future of PlantPets.

Now, you may be confused what is our actual web address. Is it http://www.plantpets.info or http://plantpets.dejapi.com. The thing is, we own both domain names and http://www.plantpets.info is set to redirect to http://plantpets.dejapi.com. Although we will be keeping the website at the dejapi.com domain, we will keep using www.plantpets.info in marketing materials because it is easy to remember.

That's all for now. Stay tuned and have a great day!