Common Seeds back in the PlantPets Main Store

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

We installed 5 gacha machines in which we alphabetically distributed all (currently) 245 common non-vintage PlantPets seeds. One play is 120L. This price was set after consultations with many PlantPets breeders to ensure a healthy breeders' market and at the same time to be reasonable for people who get started with PlantPets and go to the main store to get their first seed. Next to the five gacha machines there are also two easels on which one can browse the PlantPets seed catalog on the Web.
Last year, we reorganised the PlantPets Main Store and reduced the vendors for common seeds to a selected few. Since the number of common PlantPets seeds had become too large, it became overwhelming to maintain vendors for each species separately, and it also became confusing to customers. On the other hand, the concept of PlantPets is to have the common seeds available in the main store in one form or another. Now, we found a way to bring the common seeds back to the main store in a hopefully better way with these five gacha machines that we hope you'll find enjoyable.