Response to the Policy Change Regarding Gacha

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

As you have probably read in the SL blog, gacha machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life starting from Sep 1. We have already removed the gacha machines from the PlantPets Main Store. These gacha machines were a compact way of offering old common seeds in the PlantPets Main Store. From now on, the PlantPets Main Store will offer only a selection of common plantpet seeds. Occasionally, rare and limited edition plantpet seeds may be available as rewards of PlantPets missions as usual. For a larger selection of seeds please visit the shops of PlantPets Breeders. You will find LMs to shops of breeders inside the PlantPets Main Store.

There has been some discussion on the SL forum about how this new gacha policy affects breedables which also incorporate an element of randomness. I would like to assure you that if random mutations get banned (which is very unlikely), we will find a solution and your plantpets will continue to function and give seeds. Our intention behind allowing mutation has been to incorporate an element of surprise and diversity and to let an avatar buy one seed and then collect all color variations by breeding over time. As you know, it is 100% free to take care for plantpets and to breed them. We have put a price on the optional boosters and the optional watering system because they give a significant competitive advantage to breeders who use them.